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Trio European Jewellery Keepsake Beads - Placenta Tree

Trio Jewellery Keepsake Beads

  • $70.00

Why not treasure those memories forever, it’s nice to have a memento we can touch.

We will cast your own requested elements of dried placenta, umbilical cord, ashes, breastmilk and/or lock of hair in any combination of European charms in crystal-clear resin and finished with Sterling Silver metal inserts.

Add your requested elements and choice of fleck and/or shimmer you would like incorporated into each bead within the comments box when checking out. Or email Wendy at

as a note:



Opal shimmer is great for items such as breast milk and hair beads. Gold shimmer is best with darker materials such as ashes, placenta and umbilical cord. Gold is also stunning within the whole range! Both gold and opal can be added to anything you like

We do NOT recommend adding flecks to milk or hair at all, but shimmers work very well.

* Bracelet chain not included