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Full Placenta Encapsulation Service - Placenta Tree

Full Placenta Encapsulation Service

  • $225.00

Full Placenta encapsulation service includes: 

- Full encapsulation of your placenta 

- A cord keepsake

- A placenta blood print (optional upon request)

- photograph updates

We normally steam placentas with fresh ginger but we can add other warming herbs such as red/green chilli and lemon, please feel free to request what herbs you do or don't require upon booking. (Ginger is the herb of choice, it not only has lots of medicinal qualities it also helps take away any after taste). 

Our vegetarian capsules are made from cellulose wood pulp.

To book this service please go to contact us and send us an email, stating your due date and where you intend to deliver your baby. We offer a FREE pick up service from North Shore, Auckland and Waitakere hospital and Birthcare (Parnell).

* Please note - We will not be able to encapsulate any placenta from woman with a blood borne disease such as HIV, Aids, and Hepatitis. If you are unsure please check with your midwife or Lead Maternity Carer ( LMC), who will have a copy of your early pregnancy blood results, before booking in. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews Write a review