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"I started taking them straight away. My energy levels are what blew me away. I had no dips or anything compared to after having my other two. I was up on my feet as if nothing had happened."

"It's not gross at all. It is only because we've all been programmed to think it is. I think it's genius, it makes so much sense."

Vicky Boyle, Mother of three, Auckland


"I had terrible postnatal depression with my first child, so decided to have my placenta encapsulated this time round as I was also suffering with depression during my pregnancy and felt certain it would all be happening again" 

"So far a month after baby was born and having taken the capsules for the initial two and a half weeks, I can honestly say I had two very slight baby blue days and the rest has been an awesome happy experience"

Jasmin, Mother of two, Christchurch


"I'm loving the amount of energy I'm having when I remember to take the capsules! I really notice a difference when I forget to take them".

Mel, mother of two, North Shore


"I want to thank you very much, so stress free and the best decision I ever made, I swear by it ;) "

Danya, mother of two, Auckland


"Just thought I'd let you know how I'm finding the capsules!
I'm loving them! I get so much energy when I take them & have just been feeling great in general! My bleeding stopped a week after taking them & my milk supply has been great! I think its improved its quality too as my little boy has been gaining a pound each week! I've been raving to everyone how awesome they are & reccomending it to anyone I can".

Holley, Hamilton


"This is a little late (first 3 months as a first time mum has been quite demanding) but a big thank you to Wendy and her awesome service to new mums!! After doing a lot of research on the benefits of placenta encapsulation I came across an article about Wendy and her business. In as little as 3 days I was able to start on my capsules which I think helped immensely with the baby blues. I now have the remainder in my freezer ready to help with my menstrual cycle too. The placenta blood print and umbilical cord keepsake is a really nice touch as well! Would highly recommend to any new mum :)
Thanks once again"

Brenna, Hibiscus Coast


"The capsules are great, they definitely make me feel human again after a long night. And I can feel the difference when we go away or I forget to take them. Now I'm just scared about running out!!! I would do it all again for future pregnancies 100%".

Karina Anderson, Whangarei



Hi Wendy.  Still doing well. Feeling great and pretty much normal. ( does help my baby is a sleeper and cruisy ) My wee man is a month old now and growing like a weed. My milk supply is ridiculous. I feed him on demand and he's drowning in the stuff. I am expressing once a day and am getting about 150 ml each time for when I go back to work. Not sure if I can attribute it to the capsules or the fact I'm super healthy. I tried stopping them for a couple of days and felt a bit flat. Not too much difference but a small one I think

Sara, Dunedin, 2015


Hi Wendy!
Just wanted to give you a little feedback!
These pills are AMAZING!
I tend to be an emotional mess after the birth of my children - it was the same after each of my 3 boys. I felt like a walking zombie - crazy tired! Always felt as though I didn't have enough milk.
That's define not the case this time around.
I still feel on a high from the birth of my daughter, emotions seem in check - have had 1 cry & that's it - she's 2 weeks old tomorrow.
I feel I have so much energy & I have copious amounts of milk! I'm amazed, really amazed at the benefits I've noticed from taking my placenta pills.
I really do not want them to run out!!
Thank you so much for providing this awesome service - loved being kept in the loop as to how things were going on etc. Fantastic service!

Busy mother of four, West Auckland, 2015