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About Us


   Founded by Wendy Lee,  a midwife who out of curiosity wanted to know more about the function and benefits of the human placenta. Through her own studies into Placentophagy and herbal medicine along with the feedback from her women the results were quite overwhelming. Although as yet research is not fully conclusive in scientific terms, it is an ongoing issue within the science world. Please be advised at present almost all evidence we rely on is anecdotal and not research based.

Wendy Lee, midwife, herbalist, cosmetic and holistic skin care specialist


Who are Placenta Tree 

At placenta Tree we are PBi-trained Placenta Encapsulation Specialists (PES), cord blood bank specialists, health professionals who hold a current Food Safety Certificate. As a midwife I ask all mums whether they would like to keep their placenta after birth. In New Zealand some do as part of their culture and use it to plant under a tree. In Maori culture  whenua ( land ) is their life source, it is what nourishes us and so the placenta is essential to the life essence of the growing baby, it is what nourishes the life force of the pepi. But for others they are not sure and don’t really know what else  to do with it or feel maybe it has served its purpose! However, we have often thought there must be another purpose!! it just doesn’t seem right to discard something that your body has spent so long, carefully making to nurture your baby. We wondered what other mammals did? historically, did women consume their own placenta, if so what over time has changed this practice!!! It then led us to read more research and because of this we fully advocate all women should read into it too and consider having their placenta encapsulated as this is a more palatable way of ingesting it. It's also a very rare opportunity to save something that can be preserved and consumed via a homeopathic remedy for mum and child and kept indefinitely. 


What our service provides


We offer a high quality service, the process of placenta encapsulation involves steaming, drying, grinding and encapsulating the placental tissues in the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) which basically means we cook the placenta. After washing, the Placenta is gently steamed in ginger before drying out and then made into capsules. We provide this service in our custom made clinic and within 72 hours of birth. In general, 100 - 200 capsules can be created from one placenta, dependent upon size. We use the highest grade vegetarian capsule material (made from cellulose wood pulp), and the pills are easy to swallow. The capsules are taken 1 to 3 times per day for the first few weeks postpartum, and as needed after this time. They can be preserved in the freezer for a few years or until you reach an emotionally stressful time in your life. In addition to this we will provide you with a cord keepsake, blood print (optional) and photo updates of the processing of your placenta.  We can also make a tincture or essence from a small part of your placenta, which may enable you to reap the benefits of your placenta for many years into the future for mum and baby. 







Suggested benefits of Placenta Ingestion:


  • Increase milk supply

  • Combat Fatigue

  • Increase your energy

  • Prevent signs of ageing

  • Recover more quickly from childbirth

  • Replenish what was lost during childbirth

  • Shorten postnatal bleeding time

  • Increase postnatal iron levels


There is belief it can also help:


  • Build baby’s immune system

  • With any type of trauma and life’s many transistions

  • Weaning from the breast feeding

  • Heal bone breaks

  • Regulate hormones during menopause