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Keepsake Jewellery

A collection of our beautifully handmade keepsakes capturing your life's most precious moment's. Professionally crafted from dried placenta, breast milk, umbilical cord, hair and so much more, any combination of elements in crystal-clear jewellers resin grade and sterling silver.

These are handmade works of art, no two pieces will be the same. Some colours may vary and there will be slight imperfections such as a small bubble, that will set your keepsake apart form anyone else's.

What is typically needed to be able to send materials to Placenta Tree?

You don't need anything fancy to be able to package and send to us. An envelope (highly recommend a small padded envelope), a pen, paper to write your order details on, ziplock bags clearly labelled with your name (for things like hair/ashes etc) & breast milk bags if sending milk.

Placenta / Umbilical cord / Encapsulated Pill:
We ask that you please also send your encapsulated placenta pill, babies cord stump, flowers/leaves in a double-bagged zip lock bag, in a padded envelope. If you have your baby’s placenta frozen it is perfect to create with, we just ask that you dry it out first.

DIY Placenta Dehydration for Placenta Jewellery:

Follow this process, to dehydrate the placenta.
Set the oven on very low
Slice a thin 2cm x 2cm piece of placenta
Place on baking paper
Leave placenta for at least 5 hours or until it can almost “snap” in half
Leave to cool overnight

We ask that you please send 30mls of your frozen expressed breastmilk in a double-bagged zip lock bag or breast milk storage bags (can be found in most Mother and Baby stores and pharmacies) and placed into a small plastic pottle. Please wrap in absorbent paper before sending in a padded envelope.

First Curl:
We are able to craft your first curl jewellery from even the tiniest of curls. However, we recommend sending 3-4cm (length) of hair. Placed in some kitchen roll or tin foil (please do not use sellotape).  All unused hair is sent home with your jewellery.

Flowers: These need to be dried flowers and sent in a small container with cotton wool or kitchen roll around a teaspoon size will do. 

Fabric:  We recommend that you cut a small piece (roughly 3cm x 3cm), from your hemline, or off cuts from your dress or garment. We can craft using any type of material.

Ashes: We ask that you please send 1 teaspoon of ash in a double- bagged zip lock bag in a padded envelope. As your ashes are precious and irreplaceable, we advise that you send via registered post.